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  1. Yay, a new chapter with intelligent plot hijinks *and* baam being inherently broken! Both sides of the fanbase will be happy!

    1) That muppet was creepier than it had any right to be.
    2) I’m starting to think any offense-based member of the Families are just walking guided missiles being pointed back and forth.
    3) Rule trickery: *looks up* “clever girl…”

  2. So, is this “pitch changeup” a “Wonsul” technique ? Love seems quite surprised that Viole can copy it, so it has to be that, right ? the famous “rotating shinsoo” technique that only special-trained “Wonsulsa” can use (from the previous chapter notes). I’m not sure if it’ll work though. The author is hinting that Viole’s bones may be broken.

  3. So not only do Shinsoo moves have little effect on Viole but he can copy even the most specialized Shinsoo techniques. I’m guessing the dodging technique involved Shinsoo. I doubt Love is completely out of moves. He likely has a final move and as long as its something Viole has never seen before it will likely work.

    What the heck happens when you die in this world? Both physically and spiritually?
    It seems the “soul” exists because technically Rap-devils body is still in the room. So that would be the spiritual implication.

    But a bigger question is what happens to their physical body? In part 1 it seemed that the bodies were just left their until a clean up crew got to them. The regulars Baam “droped” were also on the floor “seemingly dead”. However, in Part 2 Chapter 5 the last guy from the test dies and turns into Blue Light. Why did this one guy turn into blue light when all of the other “probably dead” regulars before were just lying there until some one picked them up? Where they not dead? Does that mean Viole didn’t kill those regulars and all the people in part one(like Ho) were hanging on? Pretty big plot hole that SIU needs to cover.

    1. At floor 20 and above you can retake the tests if you fail them so they were probably injured and then teleported out of the test so they can retake it again at a later time (if they have the money). Before the 20th floor you would either die or fail the test and drop out, it seems like at the 20th floor as soon as you are unconscious/injured to some degree (during some tests atleast) you are teleported away. It’s probably possible to die still but it’s not as likely.
      If you read the part where the wangnan group just survived from Viole and they are eating cookies and waiting, you’ll see a heavily injured warrior appearing, he said “this is my last chanse”, suggesting that even with his injuries he was confident he would survive but couldn’t retake the test.

  4. Rapeddevil revival!!!

    Ooor not… He was playing dead.

    Ooor not… He was killed and controlled like Yeon was.
    In Yeon case they not kill her first tho…

    *chuckle* *chuckle* *cough*

  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    I took the “bone hurting” as a reference back to the pokeball event where the mysterious red skeleton seemed to cover Viole.

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