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  1. omg did he just…I actually feel bad for them :S Anyway cool scene nevertheless, thanks for the chappie!

  2. Woo ! dragon dude is here, let the feast begin !

    I wish we were explained why they wanna kill leez kubera tho

    1. Nah, the credits are right where they’ve always been each chapter– right after the “Kubera” title image. 😛

  3. Oh my spirits. Mr. Kasak. All sura form. And totally bad-ass, just casually munching on all the little Upani sura. Seriously, though. Kubera just keeps getting better and better. Every chapter seems to take everything onto a new level; whether that be action, character depth or story wise.

    1. @Ani – If I remember correctly gods name takes power directly from the god. Maybe that is what they want to kill Liz. Also the grey haired kid who gave her the bracelets is god Kubera – and he is the one who made all those Nasticas hunt Lez. Why god whats to kill someone bearing his name is still a question thou.

      Anyways – it is good you guys are getting faster with the chapters ;D… since there is at least 28 lest XD.

      Now seriously – thanks for the chapter ;).

      1. The biggest question is not why he wants to kill her, but what are the conditions to giving someone a god’s name? Why can’t just anyone name their children after agni, for exaplam?

  4. thanks for the chapter! 🙂
    btw kaz’s brother/whatever somehow reminds me of visnu :/ and kaz is so cute :>

  5. Is there a second season for Kubera? I read it to the last chap. 100 + 1 review in Naver.com
    Don’t know if there is a second season for Kubera or not? If there is I wonder if that’s whitegom’s product not currygom? O3O

    for who don’t know whitegom is currygom when he worked too much he turned white and start drawing kubera-at-school

    1. @msiher
      There is a second season, but currygom is having a vacation/holiday before its started. Season 2 is when the *real* stroyline begins.

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