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  1. Thank you again for nice chap:) i think how many chapters until we see some real fight:)

  2. Awesome. And go Akraptor. This is getting interesting. BTW did he freeze Prince or something and leave or did he teleport out?

      1. I think this chapter gives further proof that Baam is unstoppable against regulars. I said this before but no one would allow usage of the term “unstoppable”. He just took out the top two scoring regulars easily. I know that ranking is only in terms of shinsoo, but they probably are just as tough physically as well. Good luck Wangnan.

  3. Nice chapter. If you read the author’s notes then you would notice that he works a lot on those chapters. In my opinion he should take a break (1 week) so he can sort out the story. I would gladly wait 2 weeks instead of 1 for a chapter so that the story’ll be better and the author knows wtf he is doing.

    1. Everyone seems to think that this chapter was short and not much was in it. The authors note’s could be a reason for this. I for one think its because the majority of the regular’s iterations have no significance to the outcome of the game.

      We all know that what this game is really going to come down to is the foreshadowed Baam vs. Ranker fight. That will be the juiciest portion of this game, and is what is holding our attention. So its no wonder that everything else will just seem like filler/character development.

      The only exception that could have significance is the Shadow. It probably took out that Yougurt Lady. Who knows what could happen regarding it.

  4. “And reminding yourself of your daughter through Miseng”

    I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t really sound right. Would something like ‘but reminiscing over your daughter through Miseng’ work?

    1. Sounded fine to me?
      Depends on what the Korean was anyhow, and almost no one knows what that said. Otherwise we’d all just be reading from Daum to begin with.

      /me is too in love with Baam, thcmpny, & SIU either way.
      Thank you Company!

  5. I should also say, I’m really getting to like that dumbfounded, surprised expression everyone has towards him. SIU is getting good at drawing it, and it’s almost a tradition now.

  6. “lets fight”
    baam: sorry bro my freezer’s still on bye (like a boss)
    still frozen
    end of story

  7. The puprple weapon in prince hand. Was it one of the 13 MEGA-COOL weapons? Like the Black and green one? (the two that Yuri has)

    1. Not every colored weapon is a part of the 13 Month series weapon. Its probably just an Ignite weapon at best.
      It is extremely unlikely that a random male regular of the Family would own a 13 Month. Only female princess rankers are allowed to have these weapons by Zahards authority. Its unlikely the great families would disregard Zahard’s authority.
      Furthermore, the color is Purple so it would follow that its the Indigo July. However, the owner of this weapon, Garam Zahard, is hiding currently. I doubt she would just give away her weapon carelessly.

  8. Reading TOG got me fired from work last year….lolololol So worth it.
    My first comment here ever, but I am an avid fan, thank you all.

  9. You convinced me guys. But if it isn’t a unique weapon, and prince not really strong (maybe/only influential), then every panel of him or about him is just a waste of story line especially when the author said he is tired because of working so much.

    1. As long as Baam gets to fight the ranker it won’t be a total waste. If the author needs to stall to develop side characters its fine as long as the foreshadowed Baam vs. Ranker fight happens and is awesome.

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