The Company Recruiting!

The Company is Currently Recruiting!

Proofreader/QC [1–2 Positions]
Typesetter [1–2 Positions]
Cleaner [1–2 Positions]


Banquet Box (QC, TS, CL)
Metronome (TL, TS)
And others (All)

Once again, we are currently looking for a variety of positions, mainly QCs, Typesetters, and Cleaners. No experience necessary!

Proofreaders should have excellent command of English and an eye for detail. Cleaners are responsible for removing all Korean from the comic. Typesetters are responsible for adding English text to comics in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Photoshop required for cleaners and typesetters.

Join today!

P.S.: My last offer still stands ; ;


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  1. Question/s? I live in Trinidad and Tobago I work at a gym and really love reading Manga and manwha. I dont always have time to read em though cuz I work/train…. alot. I love the green boy series and I was wondering If I was eligible to typeset or clean it or any others? I have Photoshop and once I know how I would do any project you ask me to my only problem is time. Is there any problem with me being from where Im from??? And also could my time constraint cause any issues? anywho’s love you guys and thanks for all the hard work so far.

    1. Uh. Totally missed this comment. Where you’re from isn’t a problem; if you want, go take our tests to see if you have the required skill level to work for us.

  2. Hey, I can typeset, clean and proofread. I’ve worked as an editor and a proofreader earlier, so I do have experience. Please inform me, I’d like to join your group.

    Cheers! ^^

  3. Just asking because in the recruit link, it only shows that
    typesetter/cleaner/proofreader is open

  4. Thanks for the reply been coming here day after day, thinking maybe I shoulda just went to the forums. However right now is busy for me butttttt I am leaving my job to go back to school for accounting so Imma have a hell of a lot to time in two months. so I will be back then and imma see if i can train myself in photoshop more before I apply. So that would make things easier. Thanks for taking the time to respond. 🙂

  5. Heeeey! I know the position isn’t currently open but I’ve been interested in being a Korean translator here. If you ever need a Korean translator, just email me!

  6. Hi I’ve been wondering if you guys need a cleaner. I’ve got photoshop and know a bit of digital painting.

  7. I’m not sure if this post and/or the recruiting forum is outdated or not, so just to make sure, are there any cleaning positions available at the moment?

  8. Do you get a kick back or just freebie work? I am a graphic design I can do typesetting or cleaning.

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