The Company Recruiting Cleaners and Translators

The Company is Currently Recruiting!

Cleaner [1 Position]
Korean Translator [1 Position]


Banquet Box (TL)
Metronome (TL)
Tower of God (Cleaner)
And others

We are currently for Korean translators (various projects) and a cleaner for ToG. No experience necessary!

Cleaners remove all Korean from the comic, from speech bubbles, sfx, and any text that’s directly printed onto the images. They also serve as “redrawers,” and fill in anything left blank after they remove Korean text, in preparation for the typesetter to typeset English text onto the comic.

Join today!

P.S.: No one was interested in my last offer, so I won’t offer it this time 😛


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  1. Hi! I’m interested in the cleaner position. I’ll make the test as soon as I get home from work!

  2. can you explain to me the process you guys go through during your RAWS to Translation to Scanlation process? I’m interested in helping, but I’m worried about required software, how much time it takes, as well as how communication between you guys occurs. It would help if I knew exactly how you guys do the amazing things you do. Thanks guys, and I appreciate all your work! ^_^

    1. We are recruiting cleaners and translators. Cleaners use photoshop, translators use any sort of word processing / text editor.

      More information is at our link.

  3. I’d love to help, but as a cleaner, do you have to take note of what was where and such, or do you just take away the korean?
    Also, would GIMP work, instead of photoshop?

    1. I think we’ve actually got all the cleaners we need for the moment. But to answer your question anyway, you just have to take away the Korean. And no, GIMP does not work. Photoshop an absolute requirement.

  4. I want to support you how cleaner, I use photoshop cs6, I have cleaned mangas, manhwas and webtoons 😀

  5. I just cleaned the entire chapter 78 if you are interested in seeing my work. Send me an email and I can forward them to you.

  6. I want to work with a person who would like to continue with the series NamGihan.
    Id be the translator. Koreans have thick fanbase of this manhwa

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