Kubera Ch57

Bunnies! 😀 Here’s some Kubera to quell your Tower of Gold woes~

On another note, this chapter marks the end of this arc. Some pretty interesting info in this one. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

~ Rin, Zageron, Kroll, Fembot ~

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  1. Thank yoooou! HAHAHA! For a while there, I thought Ran had one heck of a sense of self-preservation. Then I realized he was just an idiot. xD

  2. Still feeling the sting from Tower of Gold. I honestly don’t think I’ll forget falling for that ploy for te rest of my life.

    I definitely appreciate your sense of humor though guys, hah!

    Kubera is great too ^^.

  3. Just start reading this recently and wow, cool manwha.
    Nice plot, nice setting, nice char
    The only problem is i cant remember the names =/

    Thanks for translating this wonderful manwha! 😀

    1. Well, important names:

      Main protagonists:
      – Kubera Leez (Leez Haias, or just Leez, aka girl idiot)
      – Asha Rahiro (the magician whom everybody, including the scanlators and several in-story characters, mistook as a guy at first)
      – Yuta (super cute Rakshasa kid, nearly got named Spotty by Asha)
      – Ran Sairofe (aka boy idiot that appeared recently)

      Other characters:
      – Brilith Ruin (Fire priestess)
      – (Bunch of less important magicians)

      – Agni, aka Babo Kim (stupid idiot)
      – Kubera (see title)

      Main antagonists:
      – Gandharva (King of the Gandharva clan, the green guy who’s always depressed because his daughter is missing)
      – Maruna (big birdie guy who blew up Leez’ village)
      – Sagara (bitchy blue hair, current King of the Ananta clan)
      – Sagara’s lackeys (they aren’t important anyway)

      Other super cool characters:
      – Agwen Rajof (seen recently, daughter of Kasak)
      – Kasak Rajof (super cool Dragon Half)

      I’ve got a full chart of names and relations, but it’s full of spoilers. D:

      1. I think the hardest part is the god who never appear but their name is mention more than once.

        I cant link them up since i dont remember the previous detail.

        From that list, i can say that there are more character than number of translated chapter =|

        On the Ananta Clan arc, there are like 5-7 char introduced at once…wtf!!

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