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  1. I am worried that if Baam reaches the main group of regulars without Lahel being there he will have to continue his charade as being a FUG member. That means he may have to kill Androssi because shes a Zahard Princess and possibly Koon because he’s a part of the 10 great families. I wonder what Koon considers a bigger threat. An irregular or a FUG member? I guess it won’t matter as long as there his friend. But considering that the Highest FUG member is rank 15 and the irregulars are all in the top 5, one could argue that being an irregular is more dangerous. HECK the number one got his rank by breaking into the throneroom of Zahard. That’s probably more than FUG has done. Thus I think Baam being a FUG member is just a distraction so that no one questions his power. It could also be that FUG is a more constant threat while irregulars are extremely rare.

  2. You get to see baam’s eyes this chapter! As for the Fug and slayer stuff i think baam is just after Zahard himself because the tower drove Lahel/Rachel to attempt the murder of baam. The princess probably don’t much matter to Baam but they may get in his way or some may even side with him like Yuri and Androssi because they like him. In the end he’s still powerful enough to be an irregular and pose a change to the tower.

    1. HE specifically says “Zahard and their Kin…. I live for their death.” Notice the “and” part.

      Actually some grammar is at play here. Shouldn’t the translation be “Zahard and his Kin?” If Zahard is plural than he must mean Zahard’s princesses and possibly the families who support them. Either way its not just Zahard that FUG will deal with.

      Baam may not want to have to deal with Yuri and Androssi. But because FUG targets all those officially supporting Zahard, he may have no choice if he wants to stay secret.
      Actually FUG may not even necessarily care about the Princesses and the Ten Families. They probably just care about killing Zahard himself. But the thing is the Princesses and the Families prevent them from doing this because of their oath to him. As such to FUG they are probably just considered an extent of Zahard’s influence.

      If they were to simply reject their oath then they would no longer be targets but like hell they would do that. So Anak would not be targetted by Baam as she has no oath to Zahard. In fact she hates him for killing her mother. Wouldn’t be suprised if she joined FUG.

      But I don’t think Baam has really hatred for Zahard. I think he’s just using the banner of FUG so no one will question why he is so powerfull and find out he was an irregular and that he didn’t die before. But FUG is likely to have gotten something out of this as well.

      1. Well, while it’s true that Baam Said he lvved for the death of Zahard and his kin, we still do not know whether Baam really wants to kill Zahard or not. He might just be using FUG’s name and influence.
        He might not even mean a word he said so far in S2.

  3. Heeeeey, could u guys re-upload it? it gave me the broken link error.
    Thx for the hard work~

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