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  1. Am I the only one who is getting a weird feeling we are dealing with “past” events now?

  2. You guys think that’s Baam? I dunno, doesn’t really look like him. I mean, even if he’s betrayed, I can’t imagine him doing a complete 180 like that. I guess it is true that rachel was the only thing he looked forward to. If it is him, this yellow dude is going to talk him out of it and he’s going to climb to the top of the tower with Baam.

  3. Kyaaa~ such a cool line if that is baam he’s become exactly what you’d expect XD

    Thanks for the chapter~!

  4. Wow, the last line literally pushed me away from the screen. If it really is Baam, which is as probable as next weeks chapter, he is finally getting things done and not relying on others. Somehow, i miss Koon and Adrossi, but i feel we will see them in near future. I wonder how much time passed before he ascended from Test Floor to Regular Eliminator floor. Based on his hair growth i would bet something between 6 months and 2 years

  5. Thanks!


    According to the prologue, it should be 5 years with Yuri looking for him.

  6. Someone on the forum roughly translated the long haired individual as saying ze would make them fail, not fall, which is it? There is definitely a more sinister meaning in “fall”.

  7. Thanks for the scanlation!

    This was a nice set up chapter so I can’t wait to read the next one~

  8. He really looks like the old baam with long hair like we saw in the begining of the story before he met Rachel. It looks interesting :p

  9. Isn’t it “past events”? I’d rather think that it’s Lahel, she has the same hairstyle but maybe she changed color after maybe some event??

    1. She wouldn`t wear male trousers. And we already see that this guy (Baam probably) wears trousers and leather shoes. The thing that we thought was his wide pants or skirt turned out to be overcoat.
      This guy is a man. And he just resembles Baam.

  10. @mitchi and @Ikki1337: The prologue stated that five years have past between part 1 and this, the beginning of part 2.

  11. I’m somewhat disappointed that he, if it’s really baam, only got to level 20 in frigging-full 5 years~!
    Shouldn’t he at least be a bit further up!?

    1. He might be training for the past 5 years. Plus you should also consider that he keeps a low profile.

  12. Are there any forums available to read a translation side by side with the original since Batoto is down?

  13. oh god please translate the next one it is so awesome but i cant understand it rawr making me go crazy i wanna know what it says!

  14. Oh ho 83 is out Raw and Baam (or mysterious person) wipes the floor with the contestants bodies.

  15. Could some one help me out? I am trying to find the name of that group of people bearing the insignia of three eyes on a tree?

  16. Yeah sure, no one would be shaken if the very person, the most important light in ones life, would betray everything that stands for oneself…

    Afterwards, there was no light, no friends, no goal, no hold on anything. To top it all, he was wanted by all the authorities of the tower, preferred dead!
    He didn’t really had much of a choice. ONLY FUG would have been resourceful and wealthy enough as well as with sufficient influence to train him hidden from the vigilant eyes of the authorities. To give him knowledge and power to fulfill him his wish to climb the tower…

    p.s.: That blond-mate that claims to be the “Prince” is most probably another one of the author’s twisted mind game, we oh so dearly come to lov~e. Just like with, for example: Anak Zahard the “Zahard’s Princesses”, who is no “Zahard’s Princesses”… *eyeroll*

    p.p.s.: Regarding the “new Hero” aka Prince, I can only state the obvious: to start the second season from Baam’s perspective would have been way to problematic in more than one way ++
    This way the author could use the “prince”-character not even to overcome that initial problem but also as something like “medicine” for Baam’s unrested in darkness sunken mind and anchor for his lonely heart.

    oh yeah,
    thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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