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  1. Yeeeees! Thank you thank you thank you, that is one of my favourite chapters of the series. Go Leez! Since uh, you don’t get that many chances to show off. >.>;; Hahaha, you guys did a hilarious job on her entrance speech!

    … so what was that announcement that you once wanted to make but didn’t? 😮

    1. The announcement is no longer going to be made, as far as I know. Circumstances arose, and it is now impossible. However, our new goals will most likely be just as good in the long run. 🙂

      1. Awww, sorry to hear that. But still, thanks for bringing us such high quality chapters of Kubera! 😀 And I hope your server issues get fixed soon too. X_x;; It’s weird not being able to access the forums. 😛

  2. Awesome chapter as always! laughed hard when I saw the guy Leez hit, was twirling in the air xD!

  3. Yay a new kubera ! i’m glad you keep working on this series, i love it ! Too bad the half garuda girl died though, she looked nice. I think the half boy will join Kubera or something like that, he seems to be strong and relatively nice if a bit weird.

        1. I wouldn’t exactly call that a spoiler. There’s nothing to prove that she’s dead yet, some people are just assuming she is. 😛 I think Leez would be more upset if she Did die already.
          Besides, it’s not really plot-significant.

  4. Gom gom gom! Thanks for more Kubera!

    Hehe, never saw the (animated) flying guy coming! =D

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