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  1. YES!!! happiness does exist in this world and you have show it to me!
    Thanks for the chapter!!

  2. yo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!woopti woop nigga what, bout to bust me a nut

  3. Thx for the release, I sincerely hope that the next one will be an early release :D, if not for us do it for Ja Wangnan XD

  4. somehow the girl at the end remind me of baam, especially the hair colour. Could it be that baam crossdressing to prevent to Zahard from finding him?xD

  5. Definitely possible it’s Baam at the end, given the author’s tendency to draw men that look like women. He had long hair before, but it wasn’t in a ponytail. Chest is very flat, but is that a skirt or baggy pants of some sort? Hard to tell from the picture, but it’d be kind of weird if Baam was wearing a skirt. I’m inclined to think baggy pants because of the black line and difference in red color.

    So is Ja Wangnan an actual son of Zahard, somehow born without the power Zahard can give princesses, or some sort of poser and Baam is the “prince” referred to? The ring suggests a connection to Zahard, but unless his powers simply haven’t “awakened” yet, he seems too weak. Notice that the ring only shows up in that one frame as well, and not in any of the other frames where you can see his hand. I suppose given the focus he’s had in the prologue and this chapter, he’ll have to be getting pretty strong.

  6. Thanks for the scanlation! Man, those shots of that girl(?) in the last few panels are really suspicious.

  7. God, if that dude isn’t Baam, I’m seriously gonna hate SIU 🙁 The new character which is at the moment stealing the spot light from Baam is already annoying :/ Annoying stupid character + Cool character (Baam) is not a bad combo, although it’s used many times in mangas, I still think SIU can make it work in a very unique way.

  8. IT IS BAAM!!! I can see Baam helping that trash prince to survive and move up – either because it is necessary for Baam and Co (since they might know, that he is a prince), or because Baam will pity him in some way fore some reason…

  9. Hello, thanx 4 the chapter. I have 1 question: the test is a free for all where the last man standing (only 1) can pass, OR the ones standing (several) at the end can pass? The translation has a little minuscule grammatical error, but it’s impossible to tell this way :(. So the prince could actually pass even w/o fighting if it’s plural (if he’s lucky).

  10. The one with the long black hair is most likely not Baam, and I would hope it would not turn out to be Baam too.

    1. That character is alot taller then Baam. Also with such long hair, this would require severe time skip for it to be Baam, which would mess with all the other characters developed so far. Also if Baam was so promisingly powerful, why would he be stuck there for so long?

    2. Is wearing cloths that Baam of a style that we have never seen Baam in, much different then the style he normally wear. The pants look like the 3 red eyes icon of that unknown organisation.

    3. With at least two people lying bloody on the floor, possibly by the black haired individual, it would indicate that Baam had turned dark side. You might say that is a possibility with how he was betrayed, but Baams solid and compassionate character is a bed rock for the series for me (especially since the setting is so absurd/nonsensical and heartless). If they turned their back on that, I would likely drop the series.

    It seems more likely and desirable that the gray haired green eyed delivery person be Baam, then the one at the end.(not saying that is Baam BTW, I do notice that said person is wearing purple and has a eyelash thing that indicates female, though if Baam was hiding…)

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