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  1. sorry to bother you. I’m a translator in a French team of scantrad and I search a way to contact you because I don’t find any e-mail adress… Can you tell me how I can contact you? =)

    1. You can click the big red “forums” sign at the top and Post in one of the topics there or you can write me an E-Mail. mhh (at) Batoto (dot) com. <- that need to be converted into an actual e-mail with "@" and "." I'm writing it like this for anti-spam purposes.

  2. Thank you!!

    Love is in the air 😆

    Taejin’s face after the kiss was kinda funny. Jane is also head over heels in love 😆

    But now i wonder if Haeun will start to fight for Taejin’s love.

  3. Thanks for updating this series. I would love to see it released weekly, please? It’s now one of my top favorites ^^

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