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  1. yo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! woooooooooooo! yaaaaaaa! yay! hey whys it so short ch 79 and 80 why why why who?

  2. 5 years is a long time so let our dear prince baam be a god buahahaha
    Thanks for the chapter, loved it!!!

  3. KYAAAAHH!!!
    Yuri, Yuri, Yuri Zahard!
    And Koon Maschenny! And Repellista! And… oh hey, is that a relative of Evan? ๐Ÿ˜€ The Princesses are so hot. Such an exciting chapter!
    Thank you so much for the chapter, it’s SO awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€
    … Yuri’s a pervert. Wtf? D:

  4. I’m pretty sure they are not talking about Baam. If you noticed, it was mentioned in the strip that Yuri JUST got the Green April. This means that Baam cannot be the Prince of Zahard, and that the time skip is not five-years.

    Rather, I suspect as others have noted in previous strips that Baam may be the Anti-thesis to the prince, which would explain why he was locked up and may even make sense with the fourth-wall breaking that was involved when Rachel was pronounced the main character of the comic by the red-headed guide.

    I’m pretty sure the Prince of Zahard is the same person we saw in the trash heap in the previous strip- as he also said something about returning.

    1. Or, it means that they live so long that 5 years seem just like a while ago. Their sense of time could probably be divided by at least 10 compared to us (much likely more). It probably takes years just for most people to travel from some floors to other floors.

      But the Anti-Thesis theory is pretty interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks!

    But could you perhaps mirror the download? For some reason it did not work the first time I tried to download it and now it says that my IP is already downloading a file, even though I’m not.

  6. guys a mirror please . its impossible to download .tried 4 times with 4 browsers after changing ip . it just doesnt download

  7. I’m guessing Baam meets the prince and they become the best buddies lol and in the end they hafta fight against each other xD

  8. I literally stared at the FUS RO DAH!! for two straight minutes, mouth agape before contemplating this webtoon for officially being the best thing I’ve read in weeks.

    Thanks for the hard work guys!

  9. Wow, the FUS RO DAH is in the original as well. I expected a little gimmick from the company, but holy hell this is awesome. SIU apperently loves Skyrim. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Awesome chapter! I love that it was a 5 year timeskip. I don’t think we’ll see Baam for a couple of chapters tbh but I just can’t wait to see how he’ve become.
    I read about some people speculating that Baam wasn’t going to be the main character for season 2 and I really hope that won’t be true, I just love Baam.

  11. Thanks for the hard work! Now I’m looking forward to how different the characters from Season 1 will be this time around.

  12. OMG so excited
    many more princess with more 13 series
    and bam!!! as a prince perhaps
    i just jizzed!!!

  13. I don’t think she is talking about Baam, because I don’t think she would call Baam a “hotty” while having a nose bleed. Also, I don’t think it’s been five years since, simply because it’s illogical that everyone would talk about her getting the green april as if she just got it, if it’s been 5 years since she got it.

  14. Sweet!! Can’t wait for the new season! I agree with others, there’s hasn’t been a 5 year time skip, but they’re referring to someone else. On another note, I hope SIU will show us all the 13 month weapons in action sometime during this journey.

    Thanks for the translation, thecmpny (kowtowing)!!

  15. OK folks , let me make this clear.

    Yuri was talking about Baam , facts that confirm this start from chapter 1 , when she goes to see the irregular coming to the tower and her guide being surprised with that.(This confirm that Yuri hasnt been dealing with irregulars for quite some time)
    Yuri obviously has feelings for him(though if the hottie was overrated just to get ther sisters attention is unknown)
    She has just gotten the Green April(in the meantime she was secretly searching for Baam and probably avoiding contacts with anyone besides her little group), 5 years in the world of immortals is not a big deal.Lets face it Yuri took 50 years to become ranker and thats the fastest ever.In the past 500 years she is the only princess to be given 13 month series weapon.That means that Koon Maschenny has had the Yellow May for atleast 500 years , to her 5 years are like a month or two for us.
    Age does not matter in the tower.

    1. yeah makes since. But it will probably disappoint the people who want him to look stronger and less like a twig. I for one find the changing of physical appearance in time skips so cliche. Its like the author just draws the characters with longer/shorter hair and gives them a scar or takes an eye out. This is fine for me to an extent but when they do it to EVERY character it makes me skeptical that every single character would go through a make over and not one look the same. that’s just me though. I’m more interested in the characters psychological development. I want to see Baam becoming less of the static, dry hero characteristic of a lot of shonen. These characters show guts but are not all that complex. Yuri was obviously not serious about baam being a hotty. Princesses can’t be in relationships and everyone knows that. So its really just a joke.

  16. Thank you for the chapter! I had just started reading and caught up right before the month long hiatus, so it’s nice to see new chapters coming out.

    As for the time skip, I think it did happen and Yuri was talking about Baam. Irregulars are supposed to be very rare, How many are there that ‘died’ on the 2nd floor(despite irregulars strength) and Was someone Yuri would be interested in(and think is hot apparently), besides Baam?

    For the Green April, rather than their perception of time being dulled, i think its just that since having even one of the 13 month weapons is a huge deal, someone having two is something that people would talk about even years later.

  17. What alot of people fail to realise is that if you become a ranker in 100 years, that is considered fast. Their perception of time is very different then us and 5 years would be considered recent when you are immortal.

    I also doubt another irregular have entered the tower and died in the same floor as Baam, as Yuri also said, irregulars are usaly strong when they enter the tower and not like Baam.

  18. ooo, the next (half) chapter was released.. is that Baam at the end!?? ZOMG Sage-Form!! FUS RO DAH!

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