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  1. Thanks for the entire translation (i though you might of gotten lazy and not done the authors question/response before the preview)
    Always grateful for your works =D

  2. Oooomg thank you So much that was really awesome! 😀 And the author is hilarious. Genius! Genius! x’D He’ll probably get his work published too!
    Hahah, and it figures that the most asked question if whether the director really is a he. O.o;; His sister must hate him after that tidbit he revealed though, lol!

    1. y the real chap got released on the authors page today. thx for the hard work thc-manhwapage-newyork ;P as a big fan of yours i ofc hope to see the chapter soon ;D

  3. Thank you so much for the translation.

    Manchester United without Anderson ??? He probably meant Ferguson hmm…

      1. Yes that’s why, if the author meant that Lero Ro is not the same without his dots. Then he should have said it’s like Manchester United without sir Ferguson…

        Well, that’s not important.

  4. so is baam the prince? I can’t quite remember if the symbol on the ring is the zahard symbol or not…. If so have a feeling we might learn of baams past and why he was trapped in the cave during this season.

  5. Thanks again for the release, I’m really looking forward to the next season and how the plot changes with how season 1 ended

  6. Can’t wait to Season 2…

    Is that Koon or his brother? And I hope crazy blond military dude isn’t Baam

  7. Just wanted to ask if that is Baam in the last shot does he have red hair at the back???

  8. The Company rules! Thx for the full translation we really appreciate all the work and plan to stay loyal to you guys.

  9. just wondering but issent Fus Ro Dah! the first shout you learn in dragon age. something like Force (Fus) Balance (ro) Push (dah) or something? just something i noticed. 🙂

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