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  1. Thanks so much for the fast updates! I’m still not decided, though, on which side Asha’s on…

  2. More Kubera, yay! Thanks so much FuBuLy, Akkarin, Kroll, Zageron and of course Currygom has all our gratitude, too… 😀

  3. I never imagined that Kubera`s mother would have a past full with action, but it seems that she had…
    Thank you for the release!

  4. Nice! I feel like Asha will really cut off Kubera`s ear soon…

    Damn, poor halfs, i hope they get their rights. I hate slavery…

  5. Whoo-hoo! My mind is blown! But damn, Asha sure is filthy rich. “They’re too heavy for me to carry.” Uh-huh. @_x;;

  6. WOAAAAAHHH.. I’ve just been away for a few days and it’s already 44!
    THANK YOU! again hahaha

  7. Thank you for the release! Quite a number in a row~ \^o^/
    Looks like the story’s getting interesting.

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