Kubera Chapter 43

I’m sure you all are happily wondering, “What’s with all these releases?” Consider this the Kubera team’s attempt at curing your ToG blues! But will we keep doing this every single day?

hmm… Well, I’m gonna leave you all in the dark about that one!


Remember to support Currygom by visiting Naver!

By the way, I do track the number of clicks on the links below and that is the reason I spoke out yesterday. Typically, the average percent of clicks to Naver on any given release has been just over 10% of the total clicks to Batoto. I’m sure that many of you do visit Naver on your own time, but I’m am sadly in doubt that 90% of those who visit this site do so. But persistence paid off, and I’m very glad I voiced my concern, because the percent of those who visited Naver has jumped a whopping 36%!

Thank you all for showing your support for Currygom! We hope you enjoy the latest chapter!

~FuBuLy, Rin, Kroll, Zageron~

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10 Responses

  1. It’s raining chapters, Hallelujah! And it’s finally reached this point! *cheers* Thank you so much! Hahah, Asha’s so mean, telling Leez that people kill themselves from the heat in Mistyshore (she’s joking right? uh…) Those items seem useful. :O

  2. I started clicking on the link! Perhaps have two links open up like EG? Thanks for the release!


    Also, thanks for installing the naver-link. I think it’ll get a lot of lazy people off their butts and supporting the author……. at least that’s what I hope

  4. hi! thanks for the super awesome job you’re doing. i think that putting the naver link there is awesome. i don’t have to type the link up anymore. maybe you could make it so that when we click download or read online, 2 windows open hehe :P. that way we’ll sure to visit it 100% of the time :P.

  5. THAAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUU!! (Ibelieve that your operation mindblow is super effective!)

    *crosses fingers for parts3…and4….and……
    —>I just hope I’m still alive for the awesome-ness from the releases..


  6. Yeah!! Thank you guys for the awesome chapters! It’s true! thanks to this, I’m not that sad!! And you know us, we can’t wait for ToG!

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