Kubera Chapter 42

The Kubera team will be making an announcement on February 1st, but in the mean time we will be doing something that will blow your mind!!! Curious what that is? I guess you’ll just have to stick around to find out!

Also, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve moved the location of the Naver link below, but it seems that only a very small handful even bother to visit Naver to show your support for Currygom! This is quite disconcerting!! All you need to do is click the link, and keep the tab open while you read the comic on Batoto. It isn’t hard, it doesn’t cost you a thing . . . and it is the absolute least you can do to give back to the creator of this amazing series! Please, do not forget to show your support for Currygom, because without their efforts this story would not exist!

~FuBuLy, Rin, Kroll, Zageron~

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  1. Wahh if I hadn’t been on the frontpage I wouldn’t have seen the new Chap! xD I seriously love this manwha!
    I also ‘read’ it when the new chaps come on Naver 😉 sure I don’t understand it but I just can’t wait for new chaps 😀 Currygum is a genius!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! You’re very generous recently 🙂

    As for visiting Naver – I, too, have it bookmarked and ‘read’ new chapters every week (can’t really read but at least I can guess something from pictures… I’m cu-u-urios).

    Looking forward fr February 1st 😀

  3. Omg, something to blow my mind? Blow it, blow it! 😀 And thanks for the latest chapter! (so fast!)

    Do you keep track of whether people click your Naver link? I look up Kubera chapters on Naver all the time (several times per week?), but I rarely do so through this site. It’s a timing thing.

    So, the correct name for the sword if the Sword of Re? Google translate always translated it as Sword of Regression, but I did notice that it sometimes over-translates things… (*cough*Manchester United*cough*)

    1. To be blunt, the literal translation left much to be desired – both grammatically and aesthetically. We considered a few methods of improvement. Like a phonetic adaptation or using a synonym, but in the end we decided to go with an abbreviation of the direct translation.
      The Sword of Return → The Sword of Re

      1. Haha, Sword of Return does sound pretty bad. I liked the word Regression actually, it conjured up images of “returning to the original state of things” (which is nothingness), and rather fit with the explanation of “nullifying regenerative abilities” (you decay instead of regenerating, something like that). Still, I’ll get used to the new translation. 🙂

  4. Can anyone tell me how many chapters are left before we’re caught up to the original (of if we already are)? I tried looking at his website but apparently I need to be able to read shit to do that 😛

    1. Kubera is updated weekly, and is currently at Chapter 99 in the original Korean version. 🙂

    2. As of today, Currygom has released 99 chapters. To your question, Vilis, I have no intention of this project being completely caught up to the raw. We will remain 20-30 chapters behind the current Korean release. This is for two reasons. Firstly, to show respect for the author, and secondly to ensure that our translation is as intelligent and accurate as possible. The only time we will catch up 100% to the original, is when Currygom completes the series.

      I realize this information will disappoint some fans, but I feel that you all should be aware of the goals of the project. Some may prefer that we race full speed ahead to the goal, but I see that as terribly short sided and detrimental to the translation. After all, we want to ensure that we give you the best possible English translation.

      1. You will attempt to catch up to within 20~30 chapters of the current release? Whoo-hoo! *celebrates*

        Apart from that, I perfectly understand and accept your reasons for the delay. Besides I’ve also noticed that some parts that seem a bit ambiguous become much clearer a few chapters later as more gets explained.

  5. Thank you for the new chapter of Kubera,I really appreciate your efforts, I hope you regularly translate it now because things are getting more and more interesting.

    By the way who was the one who said these last words ” If I could return to that day,……but a day once gone can never return”….was it Asha or was it Brilith..?

  6. Thank you for the new chapter. I don’t know why, but I simply hate Asha. I’m more and more suspicious, that she is not a good “guy” after all.

  7. Yea, Asha doesn’t look like a bad person, but she definitely has a vengeful agenda against Suras, and wants to use Kubera to her own ends by lying to her. It’s quite a shame that Kubera probably won’t understand this before it is too late and she’ll have killed someone who didn’t deserve it.

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