Tower of God: Ch77 – 2F – Epilogue -Rachel- (03)

Merry christmas everyone! I said I wouldn’t do this to my staff — that I wouldn’t be able to do ToG by Christmas (in western timezone ofc. Xmas is over already on eastern timezone when this is released officially. lol). But!! Here it is anyway! lol

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  1. Wow what a nice present we got here, really interesting and explanatory chapter.
    Thank you, Merry Christmas!

  2. Awesome. Merry Christmas.
    Afraid of baam? cuz she doesn’t have any skills and is strolling along with the guide and those who pass the tests to climb the tower…poor girl…baam better find a better girl 😉

  3. OMG! So fast. I always check after it is released in raw, eve though i know it ususally gets out quite a bit later. It finally paid off.
    I love you guys. Happy Holidays

  4. Thanks~!

    For those who didn’t get it: in the beginning of the story, it was established that Baam’s name meant “night.”

  5. Merry christmas!!!!! Thank you very much for this amaizing chapter!
    Rachel should die… xD

  6. Merry Christmas!! Awesome chapter!! I don’t know how people gave a low rate on Naver… I think this is getting more and more interesting =D

  7. I’m a little confused. In the last 2 or 3 chapters It seems the tower chose Baam, but wasn’t he an irregular meaning He came in the tower by his own will? So which one he is an irregular or a chosen one?

    1. He is an irregular, the guardian confirmed that. By ‘chosen one’ I believe they mean that he has the power to actually reach the top of the tower. Not that he was chosen by the tower to climb, but that he was born with the fighting strength to be able to survive the tower and was therefore ‘chosen.’

    2. im pretty sure the last chapters showed he was the chosen one, and that rachel was the irregular. however for some reason they let her thru and gave her the name michelle “light” which is the opposite to baam “night” maybe for the whole ying yang effect not sure. maybe they wanted baam to see what kind of girl she really was for himself for reasons idk…who nos aye.

  8. Thank you very much for your super-fast release. It’s probably due to timezones, but as I see it, you translated 1 day before it was released in korea 😀
    Btw zippyfan predicted what would happen like a boss:
    and so would I, but 13h later and not that precise as him/her 😮

  9. 3mpty > In understood the story like that:
    Baam is a chosen one
    Lahel is the true irregular.

    Alert spoil (i don’t think so but we are never too preventive …)
    In the chapter where we see again the enterring scene of Baam in the Tower from the eyes of Lahel. You can notice that Lahel as entered before becose of a door which has opened when Baam was on her. Maybe the door was for Baam but took Lahel. Then Baam forced another passage and became an irregular althought he was destined to be a chosen one?

    Well, i can’t wait for the truth … IS BAAM DEAD?! D: Lahel is such disapointing by what she did to him. I want him back with the Wing Tree group and take revenge! 😀

    1. Umm, I thought at the end the red haired girl implied that she will go see Baam? I don’t think she really is going to literally look at the stars since it’s at the top of the tower.

      I don’t really get the wish thing, who is it granted by? Anyway, even the king have not reached the top yet right? He was at 120 something floor or something. So technically rankers are people who reached where Zahard is at, not the top?

      1. Hey! It’s true for the red hair girl! I didn’t noticed thanks! So i have my answer =D Now … how is he? Will he still being a naive boy chasing after Lahel? I wish so hard that he will finish with Androssi 😛

        For your King question … it’s quite strange yes. We don’t really have an answer on how the tower is working. But i understood that when you become a “ranker” you can choose a floor or something like that. This is maybe why the Winged Tree’s group ask Baam to visit them at floor 77st when he would have reach the top of the tower, and why the king is located at 120’s floor? Quite strange indeed …

    2. I think it is another way around. I think it is pretty non conventional and mind fking plot, and not a regular one, so I like it much more. Would be way too boring, if they just win test, love each other, and live happily ever after.

  10. thanks for the fast translation. this chapter provided a bit more backgroundinformation and now i hate lahel a bit more ^^

    anyway, merry christmas and a happy new year to all members and fans of the company!

  11. Yeah it seems plausible, but there are things that are still missing to clarify that who Rachel and Baam is.(for example: If Rachel was not selected by the tower than she must be an iregular, but she is too weak for that, If she is a regular than Why did the Rabbit guy say otherwise? ah…) The story just got more complex.

  12. Oh wow! Just caught up with the recent chapters and I defiitely never expected anything like this. Thanks for bringing out these scanlations and belated Merry Christmas!

  13. Why don’t you check the source? –(naver)– You would see the answer for your question. But to be simple the next chapter is out. So i guess the season 2 already started…

      1. the next chapter number on naver is not titled “78”, but is instead titled “1부 마지막화”

        which I am guessing translates to something like: “Part 1 Last Episode”
        so I don’t think season 2 has started yet, and rather we will only “soon” hopefully have the last chapter of season 1

        1. You could be right, I precisely tought this is season 2 beacouse it wasn’t the 78 but the chapter 1. Well with Knight run there was 6 month wait till a new part started.

  14. Just got caught up. This is awesome. I’m glad Baam got seperated from his dream team. they all wonderful but I was worried things were going to become to easy for him. Plus I’m now looking forward to awesome reunion chapters. Also liked the Michelle chapters. It’s kinda cool and twisted how the tower brings out your base fears and turns them against you. Baam’s being loneliness and Michelle’s darkness.

    As for the Regular thing. I think baam is the true irregular. It seems to me there’s more than one force at work choosing candidates. One one hand you hand the administration, the aristocracies, and all things related to Zahard whose sole goal is to keep the peace in the tower. Then you got forces like the Guardians and Evankell that seem to be almost a part of the tower itself. And Evankell’s little speech reminded me a bit of leeroo’s where he basically told everyone who couldn’t hand his little bit of shinsoo that fate simply didn’t favor them because there was no way they were getting any higher.

    I’m kinda curious to see if evankell will turn up again. His testing method is different. He tests one at a time, and he doesn’t seem to associate with other testers. I think there going to be more to him than meets the eye.

  15. hmm exactly the epilogue will stretch upto chap 78 then we ll get a small hiatus for the author to rest nd gather material and stuffs(he ll need it if he wants to do justice to the next arc. what i want to know is whether any one knows how long the break will be.
    i dun know korean nd am not familiar with korean sites either, so i cant directly get it from the source
    to me Wika and the company is the source

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