Metronome Ch12 & Ch13

Chapter 12 probably wins the miscommunication award here at The Company. So much time wasted, so much confusion. 🙁
But, it’s finally done!! Along with 13 ofc. 😀

And got new logos…? It looks like a certain someone ripped our credits on our last release of ToG, so, I put it more of them this time. lol


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Chapter 12
Chapter 13

4 Responses

  1. Who ripped ’em? the D**ks at Mangafox/here?

    Thanks for the new chapters, awesome work as always here at the Company.

    (yay, I got an absolutely perfect picture in the keycaptcha!)

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love this little ‘toon 🙂 I appreciate your work [bows]

  3. Whoo, the mystery is getting interesting! I already saw the raws but I have No idea what’s going on, so I’m really looking forward to the translations. 😀

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