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      1. It does not. But the counter doesn’t start from the last chapter, it starts from when the chapter is officially out.

  1. thanks for this release, i didn’t expect one so soon i was just passing by the forum when i see this magnific present.

    continu your good work and happy halloween

  2. Baam + Yuri + Quant + Leroror, vs Zahard Group!

    P.s the admin on that floor is secretly at Baam’s side! He want to make them worked together to rebel Zahard. XDDDDD so he act likes a villain for now. =PP

  3. Oh man, you guys just made my day! Didn’t expect this to be out so early.

    Thanks, guys!

      1. you see it when the last panel is not yet loaded. When it loads it’s gone . It says-“This is not a real page… But a substitute page. (that means you may not be able to see the real page). Merely a place holder to make shameless advertisement. Try reading this on batoto.com”

  4. That riceball… is sooooooooooooo groooooss!!! Ewwww…
    Hope it’s dead now!

    Awesome chapter guys!!! i love youuuu!! thank you so much!!!

  5. Just when I start to lose faith in humanity, you guys come along with another chapter! Thank you!

  6. They censored yuri destroying the beasts. It was so grotesque that they showed the sheep going into ecstasy since it was that much more better 😛

  7. lol, she didn’t even waste a panel on those mooks. Go Yuri! Thanks for the doing the chapter and (belated) Happy Halloween to you too.

  8. but where is the next chapter…. its over a week already? are they on haitus or something? but the raws are already out? so why is it taking so long?

    1. It’s been over a week since the last release, but the company speed-scanned it as a halloween special and is not the usual case. Usually, it takes almost a week after the raw comes out before we get to read the translated ones. So expect it to come sometime between now and Sunday. That’s the downside of speed-scanned specials – you have to wait longer for the next scan to pop up, unless if that too is a special case.

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