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  1. Thanks for this chapter even if the really interessing one will be the next chapter.

    Continu your good work and thanks for delivering this one a bit earlier than the other.

  2. Thank you so much for making my day once again, Tower of God rules, and so do you for making it available to us !

    Can’t wait to see team Yuri in action !

    1. Oh, and thank you for the awesomely quick and skillful scanlation! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!

  3. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, nice chapter 😀 thank you for your translation tower of god 😀 (also now i have a GOOD reason to skip math… double-yay!)

  4. Aww, only a tantalising hint of Yuri here, but the situation sure is changing. Thanks for the hard work!

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