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  1. OMG, his face in the last pannel is PRICELESS!!! lolol

    Thank you so much for this chapter!!

  2. yayyy thanks 🙂
    ..but you guys should really update kubera more~ seriously the raws are sooooooo far ahead. 🙁

    1. Hey, the amazing guys here at the company are doing the absolute best jobs they can bringing you the stuff that you love. (and honestly I think a chapter about every week is a fine speed)

      If you really want faster releases, join up and help them, they’re more than willing to use you to the best of your ability.

    2. Hi Crystal!

      We are all doing our best, but we aren’t exactly crazy scanlation robots! Everyone on the team really loves this series, though, so we will continue to deliver our best balalnce of quality and quantity! We’ve also recently acquired an awesome new translator! 😉

  3. XD XD Nice one Kubera!! Show him the power of the name!! XD (poor guy though… he’s hot…)

    Thank youuu so much guys!!! i love youuu!!!

  4. Hi guys!! I just wanted to say that’s love this series and thank you so much for making high quality translations 😀 I’m just curious, do you guys release Kubera on a schedule? Once again, thank you soo much! I love you guys!!

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