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  1. What was the significance of the last shot of that cup? Or rather what was the point, seemed like they were trying to make a point.

    1. I think it was supposed to be a metaphor to the ripples that will extend from the 2nd floor to the hole tower as the director suggests. The same way the small heated point in the center of the cup of tea made ripples alongside the cup walls.

      Also, BIG THANKS to the hole scanlation team for bringing us ToG… and so early too! 🙂 U rock! 🙂

  2. A lot of things happen in this chapter…
    About Mr/Mrs Ren, I think maybe she’s female. Because the only thing we really see about him/her is her feet, and it is pink…
    But it’s true it is difficult to say.

    Thank you for the chaptet

    1. I think Ren is probably a He, as he was in the men’s changing room with Lero-ro and Quant a couple of chapters back, drying his hair (sheep hair)… but who knows… in this series anything’s possible, right? :p

      PS: Or at least Yuga was supposed to be a He, as Ren impersonated him…

      1. No, I think Yuga is a she, but gets killed by Ren. Ren then impersonates Yuga. So Ren is possibly a he and Yuga is a she.

        1. Sorry I dun think that works. Cause Ren would have to impersonate the gender as well. Soooo since Ren was in the MEN’S change room, Yuga must be a he (even though he looks like a girl (gay maybe???)). Though it is possible that Ren’s a she and decided to wear the pink tights on his/her own?? God who the heck knows.. I’m still recovering over the director being a guy… Can kinda see Ho being a guy… if you squint really tightly to the point where your eyes are closed… But yeah..

          Anyways thanks for the release.

          1. Lol think… Ren disguise himself to be one of man instructor-Yuga… Real Yuga died or is injured… Even if Ren is girl she must change in man’s change room…

            We still dont know his/her gender, but its probably man… But with Siu you never know for sure…

  3. curiouser and curiouser . . . .

    Thanks for the release =)

    (ooo my “puzzle” today is a cup of coffee . . . hmmmm)

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