Treasure Hunter!

Omg! A new project? What? What?

Well, since crazy made the post for ToG, I guess I gotta make my explanations here. lol
After that massive release, everyone was exhausted. Some actually stayed up like 36hrs to make the mass release possible. And everything that was close to done was finalized. So, we kinda had nothing to do this week until lot of the early steps were complete. 😛 And that’s why this week was rather slow.

Now, onto the new project. Some might be asking: Aren’t you guys slow enough on some of your series already and you’re taking another project? To answer that simply, yes, we are. But this is how we work: we assign projects to people who actually like them. We rarely assign projects to people who doesn’t want to do it. So comics with little interest gets slow pace while comics with higher interest gets faster pace more easily. Then what about treasure hunter? It’s our new translator, Eggs’ favorite comic. 🙂 So, simply, will translates to output. Though, I did this preview chapter.

What about the comics that are going slowly? Well, you can pitch in to help if you like it. It’s that simple. If you’re another group that want to see it go faster, we’re very open to joints. If you want to completely take over a series we’re barely putting out any, we might even help you do that. We’re not very defensive about our slow projects, we just work on stuff we like. It’s that simple. ^^ But reality is that out of 10 manhwas out there, less than 1 is even translated. So, it seems if few people who had interest goes away, there really isn’t anyone else to pick it up unless forced to.

~ Grumpy

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  1. biscuit .. i thought SHE was a guy .. i was tricked !!

    any way … thanks for the release .. !!

  2. As Nolzi, I am also interested in Kubera. I can’t translate, but if there is a need for cleans, I’ve cleaned 27-half of 37 just for fun and as a learning experience. I could upload them, but I’m really not sure where to. Also, I know that a small group over at somemanga was looking into starting a translation group. I suppose we could see if they are interested.

    1. We aren’t dropping any projects. PLEASE do not ask/form other groups to just *take* any projects that we are doing… we would be interested in joints or recruits, however.

      1. Nice to hear you’re not dropping projects. Just a curiosity question but why is it a problem if other people decide to work on a project? Doesn’t seem like it would be any skin off of anyone’s back.

        1. Few reasons…

          1. It’s a respectable thing not to do a project another group is doing. If a new group *takes* a project, then dies (very high probability for new groups), then you suddenly find yourself with no one doing it (b/c people don’t really announce their death). Making situations worse doesn’t really help.
          2. We’re probably partially done a lot of slow projects. The effort would go to waste if another person just started up out of the blue. That’s why cooperation is better.

          1. Thanks for the explanation Grumpy. Is there any chance of having you take a look at any of my Kubera cleans to see if they’re good enough? Will having about 10 clean chapters help speed up getting these translated?

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