Space China Dress – New Series!!

Hello everyone~! This is a bit of a random release. Suddenly had the urge to release something new from a magazine~ 😛

I hope you enjoy it and I’m sure you’ve never heard of it before. haha

~ Grumpy

Btw, I do realize that Kunlun is a mountain range and not a single mountain. But suck it up… Not my fault the author wrote Mt. Kunlun…

———— Scanlation has been removed @ the author’s request ————-

13 Responses

  1. When u said it’s a random release means you aren’t going to continue translating it?

  2. mybe after he sees how popular its gona be, hes gona continue with it.Well i hope it’be that way.

  3. lol! The name cracks me up for some reason and it seems pretty interesting. Thanks for the release and I hope you’ll continue it ;D Btw I like you let us assemble an image rather than type in letters.

  4. Wow a girl that actually tries to maintain her integrity when fighting (no panty shots at first). Nice start, this might be gold! Thanks and hope you continue with this Grumpy&Co.

  5. Very interesting comic. Funny, and the picture you used to introduce it is just plain epic

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