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  1. Thank u a lot! now this is a chapter in wich so much happens and i love this kind of chaps! Shingi is the best two(or hundreed)-faced person :D! Y i loved that ull all pay when time comes :D!Cant wait for the other release since you say its almost finished! I wanted to ask a question does anyone know another of this author?!

  2. Thanks for scanning! I’ve recently found this a few days ago, (4 days actually) and I finished all the chapters in 3 days! I’ve never read any manhwa or manga so fast before! Thank you again for scanning this manhwa and good luck for this and future projects! I’ll be watching for more scans. Again, THANKSSS!!!!! ♥♥♥

  3. Thanks guys, this manhwa is great, never a comedy this good before. Thank so mach again^^

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