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    1. She doesn’t really have a weapon right now, and she’s not as strong as (I forgot her name)
      She was also caught off guard, it adds more tension too.

      Thanks again for the hard work!

  1. i can’t believe i’m the 5th to comment O_O . i’ve been checking this thing for updates every 10 minutes!!!

    thanks for all your hard work again guys

  2. YEAH! I’ve been checking this website every hour looking for this! Thanks sooo much Grumpy!

  3. Congrats, the quality was beautiful and the release speed fantastic. Grumpy’s girl was also a welcome treat for the credit page. I’m really looking forward to what happens next. If we’re lucky, Baam will find the ranker standing over Lahel’s body.

  4. Thank you very much for the scans . Can anyone please tell how view webtoon format long pages in cdisplay or any other software

  5. Thanks again. Man wondering if Baam is gonna do something crazy soon =P. Keep thinking about that chapter 25 or whatever where you see that giant hand holding Lahel by the hair. Been wondering if that was Baam O.o.

  6. Am i the only one hoping that the author will kill off Lahel?
    So we dont see the usual lets all be friends shit !

  7. This

    “If we’re lucky, Baam will find the ranker standing over Lahel’s body.”

    would be awesome

  8. If lahel is dead, Baam could lose motivation to climb the Tower, so I rather doubt that she would be killed any time soon. Have in mind Androssi felt that “she should’nt fight her”. I hope she haz lazors. more lazors please.

    1. “Money- glory- absolute power- If you seek abilities and answers which are like magic, head to the top. All of the universe’s wisdom, glory, and happiness- It has been placed at the top of the tower.”

      There’s no telling what is possible; maybe even resurrection of the dead. Regardless, something is going to happen to motivate Baam to climb the tower and I can’t see a catalyst other than something bad happening to Lahel, whether it be injury or death.

      Androssi says that it isn’t that she feels that Lahel is strong, but rather ‘a feeling that she comes from a different place than us.’ The place where Baam and Lahel lived is still completely unknown, and strange considering apparently they were the only people living there. It was demonstrated during the Crown game that Lahel has little physical ability at least.

  9. greattt chapter 😀 cant wait for the next and see what baam does 😀 grumpy, do you have a wallpaper size for Bakemonogatari girl? it soo awesome wanna use it for phone wallpaper 😀 e-mail me

  10. Thank you for the chapter i hope 48 is out soon cause the korean is out already and seems reeeeeeeally awsome ^^

  11. Thanks for the release, I sure hope this is a temporary story-line/plot development from the writer though… Otherwise I could see this becoming uninteresting rather rapidly 🙁

  12. ahhhh so excited for next one saw the raw some one translate it fast!!, ps thanks for all that you do lol take your time was just excited haha.

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