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  1. Thanks, this is one of my favorite release from here 🙂
    Does anyone know if this is a weekly release and if so… are we up to date? Thanks.

    1. Yes, the Korean is still a weekly release. It’s up to chapter 16 now in Korean, so we’re a little bit behind. (You could also find that out yourself if you click the original Korean comic link in the post)

      We got a little behind when some of our members had school exams and computer issues, and we’re working to catch up now.

      1. Hey, thanks for the info, do you know if it’s editing issues that are slowing you down or translation, etc… ? I have had some past experience with minor-> low_grade_upper cleaning, if it’s that sort of stuff I could try and get in contact with the head of the project and do some trial cleanings… prob just until you get caught up though, don’t have much time :(.

  2. I just discovered Dr. Frost today. I finished the whole 8 chapters i one go. It is cool.

    Thank you for translating this. 🙂

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