Tower of God: Ch43 – 2F – Hide and Seek (9)

Hope you enjoy this early release of Tower Of God, and all our hard work put into it to make this release possible.

Well Just wanted to say I’ll be Typesetting ToG for now on, and I hope to get the releases out as fast as possible.


Scanlation English
Download Ch 43
Read Online Ch 43

18 Responses

  1. Awesome, thank you.
    I am amazed at the early release. The Company always does great quality, high standard releases.

    The Company is blamed for the increase in addiction to this awesome manhwa…lol

  2. you guys are freaking gods!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

    *tears up* so happy. btw i love your hamster ^_^ so cute 🙂

    i thought it was an advertisement but no matter how much i click on it the hamster just gets food 🙂 . except for the text at top right. I’ll avoid that.

  3. Another great chapter. Thanks TC guys. Your coolness has stopped Al Gore’s global warming.

  4. Thank you for your hard work! We (I) really appreciate you going out of your way to release this early!

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