Summary of The Company Announcements

When is ___ coming out?

It comes out when we’re done. When is it done? We don’t know. You try coordinating 4~5 unpaid volunteers people to work in chains and tell me when each of them can spend several uninterrupted hours working. And above all, we’re not that uptight.

We have a sort of rough release schedule, though. But we can’t guarantee release dates or times, because our staff have work/school/lives, or sometimes, they just want to take a break. And hey, everyone needs a break now and then, right? And these are rough schedules; “weekly” may end up being a release every 10 days.

Current Status of Comics (Last updated 2012/10/05)

  • Tower of God – dropped. Maybe text TL.
  • Kubera – dropped. Maybe text TL

Irregular (released whenever it’s done):

  • Banquet Box – No set schedule, but actively being worked on 
  • Thesis – Slowly and steady wins the race
  • Space China Dress Webtoon – No set schedule
  • Metronome – Working on right now.
  • Treasure Hunter: Season 1 – Translator MIA

Dropped / Hiatus:

  • Green Boy – Working on up to Chapter 66 then going on hiatus.
  • Dr. Frost – Hiatus due to translator shortage!
  • Zippy Ziggy – Hiatus due to translator shortage!
  • Maria Holic – Dropped.
  • Covertly, Gloriously – No motivation (Might get picked up by webtoonlive)
  • Knight Run – Picked up by Japanzai (they asked to take over)
  • The Hwarang Next Door – No motivation and no one liked it (except haru).
  • Veritas (color) – No crew for this. Picked up due to excess at first.
  • The Bullet Saint – No motivation
  • Baptist – Cursed. Anyone assigned to this title leaves tC.
  • ToraDora – Seems to be picked up by another group.
  • Nam Gi-han To be an Elite – dropped. Maybe text TL

Completed: (Completed from our PoV)

  • Fairy Heart
  • Zusun
  • Goong – Picked up by Evil Flowers (we were only temp help)
  • Phantom King – Continued by Scantily Clad (we were only temp help)

Raws are ALWAYS either 1) Not available yet or 2) Obtained next chapter or more.

Dead links on old chapters?

Our entire archive is here:


We are no longer accepting donations. Thank you.

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  1. Hey guys, I can be a proofreader then. Even though english is not my native language, I am pretty sure i can do a good job.

    1. it would be great to put it there when you published this post… but well, anyway…

  2. Question: How many hours/minutes per week do proofreaders usually need to spend?

    1. A single chapter can take anywhere between 1~3 hours on average depending on the comic. Lengthy series coupled with lot of facts/translations to double check are heavily time consuming. But, we’d like to get active people who’d obviously take more than one project and have some extra availability for subbing in as others on odd cases. So, I’d say 6/week is about minimum.

    1. Our liaison has given me some confusing information, but for the most part, seems like a “yes” to that question.

      1. Noooooo!
        Do you have anyone else willing to pick up the TL?
        Its such a great webtoon, I love Pray.

  3. I just wanted to point out, i tried to start reading zusun, but the first chapters read online sends me to the old site

    1. To clarify it was the chapter 0, not chapter 1, i did not try chapter 1

    2. Yes, we stopped using the old reader and therefore, the old links don’t work. The download should still work however. For reading online, u should use Batoto, it holds all our chapters (worthy of keeping).

  4. hey i am thinking about trying to be a cleaner but i am lazy so is there any projects where i won’t have to clean so much (like no sfx, 30 pages at the most and have to clean like every 2 weeks is my dream).

    Also on a side note what is Canada Day as an American i think the greatest thing about Canada is that when i go some places i can pretend to be Canadian so people will like me more.

  5. Grumpy, could you implement a better search engine in Batoto? This may not be the best place to ask but finding manga based on category is hard on Batoto. Well if it’s difficult, I just remembered a method where I’ll just search on mangaupdates and find the manga on Batoto.

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