Series Drops

We’re dropping two series.

First, Covertly Gloriously. We only managed to dish out the preview of this chapter. The reason for picking this series, our translator, has gone MIA and interest with it. So, we have no confidence in delivering this project and dropping it for good. Who knows, maybe we’ll pick it up again, but for now, it’s open for grabs by anyone. Bit difficult series to TL though.


Next is Baptist. A series that you (probably) didn’t even know we picked up. Because we released 0 chapters of it.

Believe it or not, Baptist was completed fully 2 separate times and once partially. We’ve marked Baptist as our cursed series. Our editor would tell us that they’re done and they’re gonna post it in few min/hours. And then, we never heard from them again. It’s like they’ve suicided or something like the characters in the comic. It was first a joke. But it seems our words were seeds that grew into a reality. We’ve also lost our 3rd editor to this series at half stage. So, I’m not about to send more people into the depths of this cursed manhwa. And we’re calling it the end.

If anyone wants it, here’s Baptist ch1 translations draft: and Raw:

Take it if you dare…

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  1. Any news from Kubera? There was some nice mass release before Christmas, but now I really miss it. qq

  2. I’ve been wanting to read more of Baptist since I think you guys released ch.1 back in 2009. I actually really liked it and I’ve been hoping someone would continue it. I’m really sorry to hear how it’s been so troublesome. Hopefully someone out there will pick it up.

    1. Actually, it was someone else that translated chapter 1 and we were initially planning to continue the series rather than restart. But because ch1 had so many translation errors, we decided to restart the series.

      1. Ah you’re right. I have no idea why I thought you were the same group. Anyways thanks for sharing the translation, it’ll be good to read it again.

  3. Hey first time posting in the short time I’ve been around the site ;o;
    Anyways, I’ll see about picking up baptist for now if you would like. I’m new so I’ll practice around first (got to get my skills back first ;0) then I will see about getting to it by this weekend if not sooner.

  4. i didnt get it y is a curse series…..
    can someone pls explain it to more detail way? if its ok

    1. It’s cursed because every person that tries to finish scanlating it vanishes off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again.

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