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  1. thank you for the space filler <3 made my day.
    and many thanks to the entire team that consistently brings us these awesome chapters 😀

    THX VERY MUCH TO The Co. for this and every chapter of this amazing series until now!!

  3. Haha you guys are jokers!! Using Secret Garden lines in the chapter 😛

    Is this the best? <– close enough xD
    Are you sure?

    Thanks for the chapter !!

  4. Great chapter, feels like the auther kicked the story back in gear. But it feels like there is a chapter missing between 35 and 36. Im sure we will get to know what happened to Gator eventually, how he passed. The backstabb story killing Lahel from chap 35 doesnt make much sense in chap 36 either.

  5. PROBLEM with Batoto.com online scans.
    There is a problem on page 4-5 of the upload. It is missing a huge chunk of the image which is cutoff.

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