Maria Holic, v4ch19

Hello folks. The person who should be writing this release is Elrohon, not me. But, I’m still doing it. Maria Holic is a new series from us after we’ve inherited it from CXC Scans due to Elro’s love of this comic.

This series is quite different from our usual. Rather, it goes off in a tangent from our usual. It’s also a first manga from us. So, even if you’ve liked all of our release up to now, this may still not be for you. xD That’s a bit of a heads up from me.

For those who’ve been waiting anxiously for this release, enjoy~!

~ Grumpy

Scanlation English
Download V4 Ch19
Read Online V4Ch19

14 Responses

  1. Thank you! I was waiting so long for new releases of this great series. IMO Maria Holic has some resemblances to Zippy Ziggy.

  2. Thanks for taking up this series. Just a little note: if she was from Italy, the name would have been PaoLa-san (but they wouldn’t have pronounced it any different, I bet…).

  3. Yessss, thank very fucking much. I’ve been waiting for this a long time haha, thanks!

  4. OMG >w< please update regularly..
    i waited for nine months or this to be released..
    ONEGAI =w=

    1. I’m thinking it had something to do with it being a Tokyopop release. However with Tokyopop facing what it’s facing (closing up shop) it’s possible that scanlators can scanlate the manga since there’s really no word as to if Tokyopop (well Tokyopop Media LLC I think) wants to hold on to copyright to try and sell it to another publisher or what not..

  5. never believed that this series is picked by a group. Pls don’t drop it after the anime ends…

  6. Thank you for taking up Maria Holic. With the raws going up to volume 8 and my being unable to read Japanese I thank you so much! Especially since it’s in limbo with Tokyopop’s downfall ; n;

  7. I’ll say this in response to the reason why scanlaters didn’t pick it up: Yes, the license tag did prove to be a turn-off, but when you think of it, a lot of series TokyoPop ‘did’ do were scanlated nonetheless (case in point with Deadman Wonderland, Alice in the Wonderland of Hearts), but the main thing was it’s difficulty to translate. I have chapter up to 22 (+ it’s spinoff), but then my TL had to quit. I’m finding someone as quickly as possible 😀

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