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  1. Hello,
    there is something I need to clarify about this chapter : did Lahel wrote herself her name on the list, or did she wrote “michelle light”, or did baam sign up for her ?

    I am sorry but english is not my first language so sometimes I misunderstand…

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. This and Green Boy are the only things that keep the voices from taking over. Thank you TCs!

  3. Whoaaaa serious plot development!!

    Ho’s new plot just might reveal Lahel to Baam. Then what? Tower climbing duo a la Bonnie and Clyde?

  4. at this point, there’s not many that we can suspect, only Koon and Androssi exactly know about baam and lahel..

    the others are probably suspicion, Its probably Red hair girl or Laure, as they’re the only main characters who can know that Ho is jealous of baam

  5. Well, I think Lahel is a Jahaad Princess ^^
    Thanks for the amazing chap’, as usual =D

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