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  1. thanks for this chapter

    just out of curiosity, did u shedule now the ToG releases for sunday befor the official release?


    1. I don’t think she does. It’s more or less to show her being incredibly angry… or so I think… It is the first time we’ve seen her forehead after all.

      1. You know, I never noticed the horns until this chapter, but when I re-read it, she really does have horns in all the other chapters, even though they are hard to see.

  2. Thanks for the Quick releases!

    One Question; “Baam”

    is the a-sound a long A or a short A?

      1. ehehe thanks! 🙂 i thought it would sound american like, y’know, K’BAAM!! hehehe.

  3. she doesnt have horns. that’s a drawing mistake that they just decided to stay with i think. its where her hair is tied back with the tiny zahard emblem. in one chapter i believe she described herself as a treasure of human kind.

    btw thanks for your work on the chapter scanlation team and thanks original manhwaka ^_^

  4. ok, for some reason i’m wrong ???

    this confuses me o.o
    how is this possible O_O

    me? wrong? O_o
    the world must be coming to an end

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