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  1. I started to read this series today and i already read all chapters! It’s very good 😀

    Amazing chapter…poor Taejin, he sure gets beaten very hard in this chapter 🙁

  2. Thanks for the chapter. I was getting desperate. Taejin hates freedom. That’s why he got beat up.

    1. Hmm…i didn’t understand you comment O_o
      What do you mean by “hates freedom” ?

      By the way, i wonder what will happen after this: Taejin will train a lot to get his revenge or someone will tell what happened to Jane and she will punish the guys who dared to hurt her man? 😈

      1. It’ll turn out that Taejin is actually a super sayin and then his power level will over 9000 and take his revenge by baking them cookies of doom

        1. I was thinking it would be more possible Jane will try to do something, since Taejin is still a long way from turn into a good boxer…

          1. nope that’s not possible. have you forgotten that jane is a pro? and doing something like fighting outside the ring would revoke her license

          2. I know, but the problem is Jane is a hothead person and i don’t think she will care much about future problems with her license when she see Taejin’s face.

            Or maybe Taejin will be able to convice her to do nothing about the school thugs…

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