Tower of God: ch28 – 2F-Position Test

As always, we’ve have at least released the pre-release version out before the next chapter of official release. But it seems not too many of you found this chapter’s pre-release at all.
(Cuz I hid it, in the forums. Cuz I’m ebil)



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  1. Yayy, thanks for the release :3, and btw i got 1 question, up until now everybody were in teams of 3, but because of the position thing, does it gives the possibility that baam,blue haired guy and gator aren’t going to be in the same team?

    1. was wondering about that myself, because there is now way that all who will be selected are gonna be in the same teams.

      I guess that means new teams will be formed at the end of this training?

      Note: 15 will be selected in total which would translate to 5x 3man teams

  2. Baam looks too badass in that black sweatshirt/jacket and headband thing.. but wait! It’s just a standard issue lower-level regular uniform? heh ^_^

    In terms of an rpg…
    …he’s gone from that red vest with a powerful Black March to level 1 armor with no weapon. Boo-yeah, that just means he’s going to get more powerful THEN get the Black March back.

  3. I wanna ask something..,Yuri is heading towards evankhell’s floor, so does that mean she and company will go there and make a ruckus?..,and only TWO people are going to pass in Baam’s team?what will happen to those who will not be able to meet the requirements?…?

    1. What will happen to people who fail this test? Same thing that happened to everyone who have failed previous tests 😉 Personally, I’m rooting for the redhead hottie ^^

      As for Yuri.. well, you’ll just have to wait for the upcoming chapters like the rest of us

  4. Does anyone actually know the names of most of the characters?

    Also, what happened to Lahel, doesn’t she need to do this test to climb the tower?

    1. Wasn’t Lahel originally from different district?? That means Baam and Lahel won’t meet for a while

      1. Yeah.. you are right 😛 But maybe it would be better to move discussion to forum cause you can count it as spoiler ;P

  5. Tower of God Rocks! I saw chapter 29… cant wait for the translation… anyone have a clue what does the turtle mean?

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