Thank You Donators! Round 1 – Dreaming

As mentioned before, as a thanks for the donation, we decided to spend it in a way that returns the favor. 🙂

This is a portion of a magazine called Apple Comics, a full color magazine of Korean art and short stories. As time goes by, I hope to get around to put the rest up as well. But ones with minimal work first. xD

Dreaming is a wordless comic (read left to right) by Managa. There are also couple of art pages at the end which couldn’t really get a section of it’s own since they don’t even have titles. They are by respective artists with their signature in the picture. Hard to say anymore than that, because I don’t know either. 😀


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2 Responses

  1. The artwork is beautiful!
    I don’t exactly know what happened what the green/blue fairy-like being was doing, but it’s amazing how much the creator can tell without words.

  2. heya! thanks for uploading this! yeah I second the poster above me, I really don’t understand what the fairytale creature was doing, and what happened to the kid and the mother… when you’re at it can you please elaborate a thing or two about the plot, please? I’m so very curious, thanks!

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