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  1. Holy crap did Christmas come early or something? First early Tower of God, then a ton of Kubera. Wow thanks a bunch lol.

  2. Wow… I guess my stupid habit of randomly refreshing scanalation websites has started to come in handy… Woo for 4 chapters of kubera in a row~

  3. You are awesome! I never expected this many releases! I’m very grateful – like you, Kubera is awesome!

    1. That pace is impossible with Kubera lol. No, you’ll have to wait a little bit. And to think that there are 40 some chapters out there… *shiver*

  4. Super thanks! And thanks for the link to support the author on ToG too, I used it to surf back and find Kubera. I may have zero clue what is being said but can look at the pretty art and support 🙂

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