Kubera Ch13

Another day, another chapter… and no,

i didn’t pull this release to make up for the weeks of no kubera… this was just a random release… = P

Big thanks  to funnybunnylogic for picking up the QC’ing for this chap and also,

thanks to the usual team members. (Pedo & MFK) and Shin for cleaning this chap.

– Oculus

Also, we have an irc channel now~~!
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~~ Grumpy

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11 Responses

  1. Thanks for the Kubera release! It’s so romantic that Agni would try to gather a bouquet of flowers although he was scolded so harshly… that just shows how much he loves her. I’m also so happy that there are more bishies… if only they would actually kiss a girl…(or a guy).

    1. so sorry shin, totally forgot about you T_T… been doing kub for so long that it has become routine for me to list the usual members on the credits page. not that i’m trying to hog all the credit, something i can careless about. i’ll be sure to credit you in kub 15. <3

  2. Hey Grumpy, thanks for scanlating Zippy Ziggy. I love it, i haven’t read a manhwa that good in forever.

    -now loyal supporter of Zippy Ziggy and Grumpy (plus The Company).

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