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  1. Man. I just read every chapter for the first time. Thanks for allowing me to feed my new addiction.. Tower Of God is beginning to stick to me.

  2. Awesome job translating this early! Cool chapter too, finally we get to see how they are in a fight.
    Btw, when Baam was shot at, and the guy trying to hit him, it was the womans shinsoo attack that stopped it right? Big surface weapons had trouble traveling through it, and the bullet melted due to friction or something I suppose.
    Also, Koons bag was called by 2 different names, is he having a whole family down there or what? πŸ˜›

      1. Right, the ground floor changes colour all the time πŸ˜› Then either Black March, someone in the “audience” or Baams strange powers(which I think is some protection Lahel have given him) ^^
        Though its strange that the marble bullet didn’t evaporate or whatever.

        1. My theory is that it’s an innate ability having to do with Baam’s existence as an Irregular in the Tower world. Perhaps his Shinsoo acts as a shield very much in the same way as Gaara’s sand does in Naruto. Sorry for the Naruto reference all you Naruto haters. However, if you’d like more input try out our forums :), we’d love to discuss this topic there.

          1. yeah i hate naruto i still read it though just to say i read it. It used to be a good read now it is boring

  3. Mmm. Good chapter, thanks for releasing so early. ; w ;

    Is Annarasumanara a real word? Is it just a transliteration that Koreans use kind of like Hocus Pocus, or Abra Kadabra? Or is it just a cool shout out to that other Manwha. >:3?

    Other then that, good job. >:3

  4. annarasumanara is a reference to another webtoon in comic naver. That word is spoken when the “magician” performs magic.
    BTW, I have been wanting Mr. Kroon’s bag.

  5. That was baams doing. Baam stopped the bullet and the Shinsoo, and it looks like he froze the other guy too… he’s the big monster her.

    My prediction:

    Next round the princess, the irregular and the other girl from the deathmatch (the one where they killed everyone) come out. They battle Baam, Koon and Rak. They come close to winning, and then both the princess and baam hit ignite, cue big fight and then baam looses… cause its a bonus round what it means is that now baam and co have to win all the rounds rather than just winning this one, getting green april and passing onto the next floor.

  6. thank you so much for the early chapter!

    hey, i would like use yours chapter for translate to spanish and i want ask you if thatΒ΄s ok?, and how i could do that?.

      1. yeah, but i don’t have the cleaned versions and i want know what what fonts you use and what programs.

        sorry for my english if is not good

        1. Ask Grumpy for the proper material and answers. The best way to do that would be through the forums.

  7. so fast! and the raw just came out yesterday! XD this was a interesting chapter although Baam did practically nothing……
    Thanks Grumpy~ πŸ˜€

  8. Annarasumanara is a title of a webtoon also published on Naver. What it means is same as phrases along the lines of “abra cadabra”. What’s unique about it is that the webtoon titled Annarasumanara is the first one to use such term. It is not a common Korean, English, or any language’s “magic phrase”.

    1. tog 23 already released. search “tower of god” + “webtoon”. koon has so many things in his baggage.

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