Metronome Ch17


We started to work on this almost 3 years ago. I never thought this would actually get finished…

Thanks to all the new members who made this possible!! ~mhh

Fembot who eated her cleans gets a honra-… gluttonous mention.

– Sonatina, Draiken, NomenHicInserto, mhh –

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  1. Berundo-kun says:

    thanks for picking it up again! <3

  2. meh11 says:

    thanks 🙂

  3. Sana says:

    Thanks for doing this, glad to see it wasn’t dropped 😀

  4. SimmianPrime says:

    Oh wow it’s been quite a while, thanks for continuing with the series.

  5. Sogno says:

    *cries* thank you so much…. i really like this series

  6. Hime says:

    Thank you so so so SO much for the update! ;u;

  7. Piri says:

    You guys are awesome! I really enjoy this series. Thank you for dedicating yourselves to this series once again.

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