HTTPS for site

I doubt anyone comes here anymore anyway… but the site is now available via HTTPS.

There are lot of old posts that uses http within the post itself, so there will be lot of “mixed content” which prevents the lock from showing. Still, better than nothing!


  1. First says:


  2. Dani says:

    Hey! You don’t translate anymore? What happened? 🙁

  3. Creed says:

    Thank you for upgrading to https.

    what are you going to do after batoto closes down?

  4. Roman says:

    Thanks for the http support!

  5. Sethur says:

    Thank you for everything you have done for us in all those years. It was a great time and you delivered us with the best scanlations possible (sometimes it felt like better than that).
    I followed the group from when your fame was still in the very beginning (I think with ToG chapter three?) and you people have been a blast! Thank you for everything and all the best on your ways! Adieu!

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