ToG 2.116 – 2.119 Scripts Only


This should become a sport in ToG. Riding turtles.

The supposed javascript overlay thingy making volunteer kinda just stopped responding. If there be volunteers… If not, maybe we should just adopt the Odd Squad’s version since all of us are too lazy to make one. OSS’s version is great, but requires browser addon installation, which I didn’t feel well suited for wider audience.

Here be the scripts, which we probably should release more often and faster…

These are links to google docs as always. Just shrinking b/c google doc urls are fugly.

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  1. If you need help with OSS’s plugin, Babo Kim Scans can help out. We went through the process recently. Will you be uploading the older chapters of Tower of God as well? Speaking of which, any chance we could upload the older chapters of Kubera as overlays as well? 🙂 (credits won’t change)

    By the way, OSS’ overlays can now be accessed 2 ways: either as a plugin or with a bookmark method (load chapter, click on bookmark). It’s very easy, though it does require that additional step. I think dedicated Tower of God fans won’t mind though.

    1. Ya if you guys did this I would probably stop reading from They have such bad translations at times. Plus I’d be able to support the author directly.

  2. I use the bookmark method from OSS and it’s pretty convenient. It’d be awesome if you guys started using that. I doubt many people would mind having to click a button to get the page translated.

  3. For a while I thought that turtle was rover or cow from LOS and Google riding rover lol

  4. Thank you so much for keeping up this project ! I have missed your comments, your animal pictures and SIU’s blog posts SO~ MUCH since Naver took over.
    Thank you again !! <3

  5. Thank you for keeping this project alive! I miss your scans and would love to see you guys use OSS! Keep up the good work!

  6. I’ve seen here and there from a lot of places that there may be a way to overlay the text from these TLs onto those from the webtoon, is there anyone who can elaborate on that? Also, I noticed that Naver now has a space for fan translations- including in English. Were there any plans start uploading these translations there?

      1. It kinda infuriates me that the “official” release is far worse than the fan one. Honestly, they could’ve just gotten one native speaker onboard and raised the quality of it a LOT

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