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  1. Nice, Thx for the chap!
    One question, do you guys plan to translate the gossip that the author said he will leak while in the hiatus?

    1. Officially, I’m going to say no. Though, some of the tC member may post translations in the forum anyway. Also, I figure plenty of translations will come out on the forum even if we do not.

      Simply, we have no planned translations.

  2. Could you guys translate SIU’s latest blog post? I think the hiatus is extended or something and he made another trip to the hospital(?). Not sure.

    1. If I don’t remember wrong. I think the doctor said he had to rest for 2 weeks more and the manwha is estimated to start again 30th june.

      1. Finally can’t wait!!!! Heal up faster :O! I’m getting supper bored with the other manga and manwha

  3. Its been 3+ month now … any idea what is happenning/when is the series gonna go forward ?

    this is one of the best ( if not THE best) manga I’ve read, I wanna see the next arc !

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