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  1. She uses a highly advanced compression technique to keep them out of the way when she`s fighting. That`s definitely it.

    1. as much as I hate Rachel too, I think its because of the freckles and the name. I edited the freckles out in MS paint, and she looks a lot better. all the same I still hate her.

  2. I like freckels and have nothing against the name, but she still needs killing badly. Mostly because all she has achieved so far is getting some people killed for no reason.
    But then again, she’s pretty much Ms. “Everyman Climber”, representing the average for climbers in the story. At least that’s my interpretation. There’s probably a lot of people that need killing.

    1. hmm. that makes a lot of sense. also, its nothing i have against the name Rachel, just I find it more annoying than its previous translation “Lahel”

  3. Thanks for the chapter =D

    Do not believe the Androssi will not be on the same team… And Rachel really deserves to die!

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