Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 90 – 30F – The Workshop Battle –The Thorn– (06)

Ugh… posted this late b/c my internet disconnected as I tried to post this… lol


~ Godai, 101010, Fenrill, Grumpy, Trebor ~

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Chapter 90
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Just a bit of reiteration.

You can find the season 1 archive compiled by mhh.
And this is the mediafire folder that I use. All season 2 chapters that I typeset/finalize are pretty much there. Not a complete list.

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  1. Had a hunch that was red-hair under the mask (Shanks!) Even though when Yuto’s mask was broken before and her eye left eye? was shown yellow? I think, too lazy to check.

    And good luck finding a job

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