Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 86 – 30F – The Workshop Battle –The Thorn– (02)

Well, I guess everything is summarized in this chapter.


~ Godai, 101010, mhh, Fenrill, Grumpy, Trebor ~

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Chapter 85 
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Just a bit of reiteration.

You can find the season 1 archive compiled by mhh.
And this is the mediafire folder that I use. All season 2 chapters that I typeset/finalize are pretty much there. Not a complete list.

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  1. I don’t come here often as I mostly read directly from Batoto.
    So thank you for your great scanlation work.

    I wish I could thank the author himself as well, but:
    – I don’t understand squat on Naver when it comes to register, or where to click to comment.
    – I’m not sure the author likes scanlations at all (as referred to the The Breaker case).

  2. Poor Baam, its just as SIU says, he’s an expert at being lonely. Born alone, found by rachel only to be betrayed and alone again, yet picked up by FUG just to be betrayed by them also. He must be destined to be alone.

    Side note – what happened to the 2 weapons given out for the one who sent the most to archimedes and the one who went the fastest?

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