Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 85 – 30F – The Workshop Battle –The Thorn– (01)

I swear I wasn’t being lazy with the font choice in this picture above. It just felt… very fitting.


~ Godai, 101010, mhh, Fenrill, Grumpy, Trebor ~

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Chapter 85 
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    1. Yeah, was notified by someone else as well about “talking walks”, but was too lazy to fix the afterword. Not really as important as the actual comic.

      I found the dog on reddit as you see it (with w/e crop they did). So, I don’t know if it’s a 9gag watermark or not.

  1. Thank you, but guys, could you, please, stop using slang unnecessarily? Excuse me for not knowing such “high culture” beforehand, but it’s pretty frustrating to interrupt reading to search what the heck “fml” or “mc” means. And by the way, what exactly “mc” means? Somehow I don’t think it’s “Master of Ceremonies” or “Member of Congress”. And I don’t think that it’s “Main Character” also.
    Please, can’t you consider that your readers may be not so immersed in internet’s or American urban culture as you are?

    1. Not a translator but I went ahead and did research:
      > 멍청한 진행자 놈들!
      It this case, it actually should be “Master(s) of Ceremonies”.

      I didn’t see “fml” after combing through the chapter several times. Regardless, I agree that this particular term is abstruse enough that a better alternative ought to be used instead.

      Still, I have to add that I understand that there will always be the chance for the rare case of slip-ups since the entire translation/proofreading process is painstakingly tiresome. It definitely felt that way after doing after OCR’ing the raw, tokenizing the bubble text, and later searching within just the last chapter. And for that, my opinion is also that sparing merely a few moments to look up whatever term that isn’t understood is scant compared to the amount of work put into the scanlation process to begin with. After all, readers basically enjoy the fruits of the labor of others with no contribution to the project but (many times half-hearted) messages of gratitude.

      1. Ho ho my dear mate. Half hearted our thanks are not. We love our Grumpy, Godai, Trebor and all the others who work so hard for us.

        Can we get a link to the original image though Grumpy? D: Im curious beyond curious!

    2. We provide slangs when slangs were used in the original to keep the feel of the comic going. If we barred ourselves of using slangs or any other forms of creative writing, it would turn out pretty plain.

      Tone of each character matters. A character like Koon, who is well educated and well spoken would often avoid usage of slangs or irregular speech. But characters like wangnan who are a bit eccentric carry that eccentricity through not only his actions but his speech as well.

      I’m not sure where you saw “FML”, but we’d only reserve such level of internet slang only as part of translation for the author’s notes. A character doesn’t speak in short forms, but authors who write freely to the internet masses do.

      MC is short for emcee/Master of Ceremonies.
      I do realize MC could have been written though as “emcee” to reduce confusion. But, “MC” is the most common written and spoken form. No one really says “Master of ceremonies”.

      1. Thank you for clarifying about “mc”. I knew translation, just didn’t think that “master of ceremonies” was really there. I was wrong.

        As for “fml”, you can find it in chapter 79. It’s Leesoo speaking about how he failed when Ron Mei passed: “Ah… FML… Even a dimwit like her won,…”

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