Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 66 – 30F – The Workshop Battle –Archimedes–


I’m being force to do this and I’m not even getting anything out of it either. ~mhh

Our thanks  go to:

~  GoDai, ArrJay, a_wizard, CrazRed, Trebor & Grumpy ~

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Chapter 66
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  1. The chapter was So awesome! Thank you so much! 😀
    Wow, this is one of the things I like about this series. You have no idea how this arc will turn out. *__*

  2. You should fix the download link. You added an extra “h” in the “http” part. Dense people won’t notice that/know how to fix that. Just reporting~

  3. Omg! What more can anyone ask for than a mix of daft punk and manhwa!! 😀 love rak as well 😀 thank you so much for everyone who worked on this and to the artist 🙂

  4. When clicking on the Batoto link, it comes up with a 404-Error. When you go into the actual site and look for the newest chapter. It was put up by a_Wizard and is 177034 right now not 177022. Just a shortcut for people who don’t want to go through the whole searching process.

  5. Everything that happens in Archimedes stays in Archimedes!

    I know where I’m taking my dad for Father’s Day.

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