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  1. Aww Yeah! Just in time! Thank you so much!
    The supervisor is a woman? I thought it was a feminine looking guy. xD

  2. Thank You:) It is good that tomorrow at Naver will be another chapter! At least from pictures it could be see what is going to happen! And than waiting for Yours translation will be pain in the arse… Once again Thank You! 🙂

  3. Yay! Yuta!! >{}<)/
    He will be the superior sura one day~ or, he really is!
    And, Maruna wil come to save Sagara.
    Ooh, I can't wait to see Yuta meet his brother, Maruna.

  4. Yuta to the rescue.
    >Yuta uses true form
    >Trancentials locked
    >Form reversed
    >I’ll retreat for now!
    >And the day was saved.

    1. Nah, Yuta is still pretty weak compared to his enemies. He has advantage of transcendental locking, but his changed body is rather small.
      Gandharvra could be as big as a planet, how are you going to harm that? You could probably fall into his pores.
      Gods on the other hand can’t be killed pernamently so making enemies of them is very unwise thing.
      Humans have ways of countering chaos, so others have to have some ways too. It just so happens that the enemy this time is damn excuse of a clan leader with lack of experience and bad temper.

      So only thing that Yuta really has is a moment of suprise. He is no one man army by any means. Only a troublesome guy with similarly annoying abilities like that fly sura with immortality like regeneration.

    ahhhh i love it tooooo much <3
    cant wait for the next chapter! XD
    THANKS 😀

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